In February 2019, the introduction of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance Amendment Bill, commonly known as the Extradition Bill, sparked waves of protests in Hong Kong, which soon evolved into a massive pro-democracy movement rallying tremendous global support.

Now, under the perfect cover of the pandemic, Hong Kong’s oppressive government continues to covertly weaponise the law by issuing unjustifiable social gathering bans, and further suppress the fight for freedom and democracy in the city.

Credit: Shibata Noriyoshi

We, Stand with HK@JPN, are organising the exhibition ‘Be Water, My Friend’ in Tokyo, Japan from 16th to 20th of December, 2020. The exhibition is going to showcase how the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement embraces the ‘Be Water’ philosophy—a guiding tenet originating in the famous quote of Hong Kong’s martial arts legend Bruce Lee:

‘Be water, my friend.’

Immerse yourself in Hong Kong’s water movement in this exhibition. Witness the historic march where two millions took to the streets. Learn how simple everyday items such as pot lids and badminton rackets can be used to diffuse tear gas. Share our grief in emotional vigils for protestors who lost their lives. Last but not least, participate in the ‘yellow economy’ and purchase movement-related goods and merchandise.

Wherever you’re from and whatever your political stance may be, please join us if you share our belief in true freedom and justice.

Thank you very much for standing with us!


16 -20 December 2020

Venue: Citizens Gallery, Meguro Museum of Art

Hours:10:00 – 18:00 (14:00 on the last day)

Final admission 30 minutes before closing

Free Entry

A HongKongers’ Exhibition: Be Water, My Friend