Confronted by tyranny and oppression,

how do HongKongers evolve and resist?

We, Stand with HK@JPN, are holding the exhibition ‘Be Water, My Friend’ in Tokyo, Japan from 16th to 20th of December, 2020. The exhibition is showcasing how the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement embraces the ‘Be Water’ philosophy.

In this exhibition, we recount how Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement adapts and progresses. Like water, the leaderless revolution is fluid, flexible, and fast-moving. Demonstrators ‘gather like dew’ in city-wide flash-mob protests to stay ahead of riot police, and ‘scatter like mists’ to avoid arrest so they can fight yet another day. As protestors ebb, flow, and converge on the city’s streets and alleyways, local marches grew into a revolution, rallying outpouring support from all corners of the world.

Our Vision

We believe in the collective power of individuals. Droplets converge into rivers; protests grow into revolution. Through the  ‘Be Water, My Friend’ exhibition, we are aiming to inform, involve, and inspire. Visitors can discover more about the ongoing developments in Hong Kong, and are encouraged to explore the role that Japan and international communities plays in our movement. Through the experiences and dialogues we create, we ultimately strive to inspire everyone to join and stand with us on the international frontier of Hong Kong’s ongoing fight for democracy, freedom, and justice.

About Us

Stand with HK@JPN is an organisation founded by HongKongers currently residing in Japan. Fighting alongside fellow HongKongers at the international frontier of the pro-democracy movement, we’ve been rallying support in Tokyo since June 2019. Our activities include demonstrations, awareness campaigns, seminars, media interviews, lobbying with politicians in Japan, and much more.


会期 2020.12.16(水)-19(土)
   2020.12.20(日)[ 最終日 ]


場所 目黒区美術館区民ギャラリー